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Welcome to the Lake Groton Association web site. This site is designed to provide information for residents and visitors to Lake Groton (historically known as Groton Pond) in Groton, Vermont.


    Loon Chick after being Attack
    by Darlene Sprague

    Chick in Rehab in Maine

    Eagle at Groton Pond by Darlene Sprague

    Moose Pulling Weeds by Ellen Farquharson

  • Kidney Donor Needed for Lake Resident.  Request Letter.

  • Bear Information

  • Loon chick Update: (Aug 20th) The loon chick 6 weeks old was attacked and injured by an adult male loon near the northern part of the east shore. The Spencers and Houses witnessed the chick being attacked and when the fight reached shore, they were able, with dog Riley, to separate the chick. They called Darlene Sprague who netted it and turned it over to the Game Warden. The chick is now at VINS who will oversee its care and rehab if it survives. At this time the fate of the chick is unknown. There are no other chicks on the lake at this time, but several adult loons remain.

  • Pictures of Bladderwort Work Party of August 14th

  • 2016 Boat Parade Results: Best Decorated Boat: the Odell's Camp Muffet; and Best Shoreline Decoration: The Starr Camp.  Click here for pictures. Thanks to Ashley Luurtsema for contributing the pictures.

  • Groton Growers Market every Saturday 9 AM to 1 PM on the front lawn of the Groton Community Building on Route 302 in Groton Village.

  • Please mark submerged rocks in your area for safe boating and water sports.


Fall Rainbow

October 29, 2015 by Barbara Edson Front Page Picture Archive

Before launching, always wash and inspect your boat, motor, trailer and gear for Milfoil!   
We can't afford not to....

Groton Pond from Big Deer Mountain

Please provide any comments or suggestions on this website to  Dave Spencer   Thanks!